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Frosty the Fungus!
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

O C D - It's not what you think!!

The Saturday before the new job starts...

Since I will be working weekends, holidays and evenings, I have been catching up with home life such as the yard work, house cleaning and some sewing and quilting projects.

Did y'all know I have a PHD? I have many, actually. Betcha didn't know I was so darned smaart!  sp. :0)'s not what you think. I never went to college...I chose Mommy 101 as my ultimate career! I scored an awesome job and have been there for 32 years. Retirement is not an option with this job though...but the benefits have been so rewarding!

In my little world, I get an idea and need to see it happen no matter what else around me needs tending. Hence, many PHD's are acquired. "Projects Half Done"

I do get around to finishing them...eventually (and THAT feels really good and accomplished) but being a procrastinator by nature and also being a child of a man with OCD before anyone knew what that was, I'm basically overwhelmed at times. My Dad was called fussy and a perfectionist back in his day BUT I know better! Organized Chaos can be that fine line between a perfectionist and a person who is an Obsessive Compulsive. I do think we all have some degree of OCD whether it be stacking newspapers for the recycling a certain way right down to alphabetizing the spice cabinet (yeah, I do that).

I also obsess about laundry. I hang it outside to dry mostly and in 3 categories - 1) Like objects together, 2) Size order and 3) Color order. Sometimes it benefits me since a step is sorta already done when folding and putting away!

Love to hang laundry out! Must hang in order, though! :)

Okay...not to get off the subject here. Note to self: Add AADD to my OCD and PHD.

I will be posting completed projects now that I am trying to keep this blog going steady. I will post a photo of the PHD and then the "TADA!" I will try to start that photo posting tomorrow afternoon, I have a project just about finished! WooHoo! 

Okay...I'll just give you a peek - I know we all love a photo to look at on a blog :D

Hawaiian Breadfruit - kit purchased in Hawaii in 2005. All by hand. Needle-Turn Appliqué and Echo quilting. To finish - border, backing and binding...stay tuned!


Working full time again is just a great feeling. I will have more time with less time. (Oh, and some $$$ too!) I know that sounds really weird and inaccurate but it is true. You make more time to do what you love when your time is limited. Helps us procrastinators tremendously!

So, I bet you can't wait to see my first PHD become OCD. Nope, not what you think...Objects Completely Done!

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