Frosty the Fungus!

Frosty the Fungus!
See the art everywhere - even in a pack of mushrooms!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wenesday Re-Group Myself...

...need to really regroup today. I have been away too long and a lot of great things have happened.

My youngest graduated college in Virginia on May 15th. I seemed to be waiting forever for that day and now it's almost a month behind
me. Makes me wonder how my time is spent when I 1) Have so many unfinished projects and 2) never seem to sit idle? Could it be I have 'too many irons in the fire' as my dear Mom used to say?

Yes, perhaps...but the flip side is what? Nothing to do? Boredom? I can truthfully say, I do not ever recall saying to anyone in my entire 52 years that I am bored. Always doing, planning, thinking, (even sometimes plotting hehe) something. Mostly new design ideas in several areas.

Quilting has become my newest passion over the past 2 years. I have evolved and progressed...I am proud of both accomplishments. I have the ideas and I have the fabric why not? There really is no way to do this ancient craft wrong. Your idea + your fabric = your OOAK quilt!

I also am constantly pondering new home decor ideas in this gray matter of mine. These days, as my tastes have changed over the years, I have come to love the shabby look and presence. Old and rusted become white and embellished. Some glam mixed with some rustic...roses, lace, chipped and peeling paint married with crystals...endless possibilities! As long as you keep with the basic decorating rules of balance and are there!

My 3rd passion is gardening. I am fortunate to have over an acre of land. I have recently found my designing techniques inside the 4 walls has overflowed to my outdoor summer living space. Being on a tight budget but also getting sheer pleasure from resurrecting old throw aways and treasures...I have made a nice place to unwind in the solitude of my yard. I am now in the process of building a stacked stone wall around my patio beds. A large undertaking for me, myself and I but the exhilaration of DIY cannot be matched!

So now you time away has been spent very wisely...

I hope to visit you, my readers and lovers of the design following, more frequently. My custom sewing for the home business has started to really take off so I will be sharing my new and improved ideas and designs with you.

Have a terrific day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Rain Doesn't Stop the Progression...

I know it's been a while since I've been here...don't know where the time is going to?

...rainy Monday. Not so bad though. Thoughts of washing the earth's surface and refreshing it's soul. That's how I perceive today's feelings I have...watching out the window, the gentle drizzle and the Robins thinking they are in worm heaven!

I've been working on 'refreshing' things of my own. I am a firm believer in recycle, reuse, etc...

Money is tight for all of us these days. But who said we cannot continue decorating, rearranging and so forth? Take what you already have...sit down and take a good look at it. Turn it around, upside down, perhaps...take another good look. Bang! The idea strikes!

A simple "step basket" about 10 yrs old. Pretty much used for the pup's leash and flashlight for walking her. During my remodel, I guess something leaked in this basket...those type of stains drive me nuts! OK...walking through the home improvement store ~~ stumble on a cart of marked down wallpaper. What a find! So I see a sage color vinyl border roll...still sealed...hmmmm...$2.50? How could I go wrong?

So basket has 2 wooden panels on bottom...I cut the wallpaper to fit, overlapping to make the width. Dunk in water, slap it on, et voilĂ ! For just mere pennies, I saved an eyesore piece by my front door and gave it individuality!

A basket that has whole new look that is fresh and clean...renewed and refreshed, just like the day... I wonder what I can do with the 13' of remaining border...hmmmmm....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter...and the senses

...waking up this chilly morning with the sun shining and birds singing...taking me on a trip back to some early recollections of this holiday. Easter Sunday, in my home, was my Dad taking me to 9:00 Mass and then on to Branchbrook Park...Cherry Blossom time! I would always have a new home sewn ensemble, thanks to my dear Mom and her fashion talents. (also many arguments regarding a child of the 60's and what was appropriate attire for church)

I am an olfactory type person...the scents of this time of renewal can jog just about any memory of my 52 years...I am so thankful for that sense. It allows me to live each and every memory...amazingly, just by the smell. The newly dug soil, a Spring rain shower and the worms come out...only to die an uncertain death once the sun arrives on the scene :( I can smell snow, impending thunderstorms and Easter...yes, Easter Sunday has it's own smell too. Didn't you ever notice that Easter chocolate smells completely different than chocolate any other time of year?

Today is a gift to all of us...I will use mine to it's fullest capacity. Make yours wonderful...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Morning and welcome to my Blog... Busy day here...quilting, taxes and finalizing the new website for Angel Threads! I'll be back later to show my progression (hopefully with all 3!). Hope there's time for a little nap and a cup of tea in this busy day! Have a great day everyone!