Frosty the Fungus!

Frosty the Fungus!
See the art everywhere - even in a pack of mushrooms!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

O C D - It's not what you think!!

The Saturday before the new job starts...

Since I will be working weekends, holidays and evenings, I have been catching up with home life such as the yard work, house cleaning and some sewing and quilting projects.

Did y'all know I have a PHD? I have many, actually. Betcha didn't know I was so darned smaart!  sp. :0)'s not what you think. I never went to college...I chose Mommy 101 as my ultimate career! I scored an awesome job and have been there for 32 years. Retirement is not an option with this job though...but the benefits have been so rewarding!

In my little world, I get an idea and need to see it happen no matter what else around me needs tending. Hence, many PHD's are acquired. "Projects Half Done"

I do get around to finishing them...eventually (and THAT feels really good and accomplished) but being a procrastinator by nature and also being a child of a man with OCD before anyone knew what that was, I'm basically overwhelmed at times. My Dad was called fussy and a perfectionist back in his day BUT I know better! Organized Chaos can be that fine line between a perfectionist and a person who is an Obsessive Compulsive. I do think we all have some degree of OCD whether it be stacking newspapers for the recycling a certain way right down to alphabetizing the spice cabinet (yeah, I do that).

I also obsess about laundry. I hang it outside to dry mostly and in 3 categories - 1) Like objects together, 2) Size order and 3) Color order. Sometimes it benefits me since a step is sorta already done when folding and putting away!

Love to hang laundry out! Must hang in order, though! :)

Okay...not to get off the subject here. Note to self: Add AADD to my OCD and PHD.

I will be posting completed projects now that I am trying to keep this blog going steady. I will post a photo of the PHD and then the "TADA!" I will try to start that photo posting tomorrow afternoon, I have a project just about finished! WooHoo! 

Okay...I'll just give you a peek - I know we all love a photo to look at on a blog :D

Hawaiian Breadfruit - kit purchased in Hawaii in 2005. All by hand. Needle-Turn Appliqué and Echo quilting. To finish - border, backing and binding...stay tuned!


Working full time again is just a great feeling. I will have more time with less time. (Oh, and some $$$ too!) I know that sounds really weird and inaccurate but it is true. You make more time to do what you love when your time is limited. Helps us procrastinators tremendously!

So, I bet you can't wait to see my first PHD become OCD. Nope, not what you think...Objects Completely Done!

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm baaaack! My Daughter's Wedding AND I am once again employed!!!

I suppose things have been in the Seinfeld's bizarre-o world for quite some time now...

Many changes in life - worked 2 jobs, quit one, lost one -- back to square one! I've been out of work for 10 months now...sometimes a Blessing in disguise.

My daughter was married in June - a beautiful day! I made all her floral -(she joined me in the table arrangement frenzy!) corsages, bouquets and boutonnieres. Made my dress as well. Ahem...cut it out the morning before the wedding...but we don't need to go there.

Table Arrangements x16!

Bridesmaid/Flower Girl Purses

Bride's Bouquet

Gazebo Decorations -  but weather did not cooperate :(

Mother of the Groom



Mother of the Bride

Giving my Daughter Away to a wonderful Man!

So the resumé races begin full time. Did I mention, looking for a full time job is a full time job? Can you say cover letter? Wow...did not realize the technical world these days has hampered the simplest of tasks...applying for a job. I will explain in the following.

  • Do not walk into any place of employment and ask if they are hiring. 
  • Do not walk into any place of employment and ask for an application.
  • Do go home and perform a search online for jobs in your area of expertise.
  • Do apply and follow ALL instructions - many of which will take you to another page powered by an assessment partner.
  • Complete the assessment and PLEASE be consistent in your answers.
  • Wait for an auto-reply email to tell you that you have taken the proper steps and should wait for the company to assess your talents and abilities.
  • Wait.
  • Wait some more........ 
  • After some time has elapsed and you have forgotten you even applied, 1 of 2 things may happen: You receive another automated email saying basically, "Thanks, but no thanks" or you never hear from them again.
I seriously applied for at least 6 jobs a week that I thought I would fit the criteria, experience and education advertised. Thanks to the internet, there were probably 9,647 applicants besides me applying for each one.

I may be weird but I really liked the days of signing my name in blue ink on a cover letter, licking a stamp and going to the post office with my hope and dream of working for that particular employer whose name was on the front of the envelope.

Needless to say, I am gainfully employed by a wonderful company and I will be starting my training next Monday. I am so looking forward for structure and time management being a part of my daily routine, once again! I wish you, any of my unemployed friends, much luck in your searches. It does come, eventually to those who are patient and persevere.