Frosty the Fungus!

Frosty the Fungus!
See the art everywhere - even in a pack of mushrooms!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Rain Doesn't Stop the Progression...

I know it's been a while since I've been here...don't know where the time is going to?

...rainy Monday. Not so bad though. Thoughts of washing the earth's surface and refreshing it's soul. That's how I perceive today's feelings I have...watching out the window, the gentle drizzle and the Robins thinking they are in worm heaven!

I've been working on 'refreshing' things of my own. I am a firm believer in recycle, reuse, etc...

Money is tight for all of us these days. But who said we cannot continue decorating, rearranging and so forth? Take what you already have...sit down and take a good look at it. Turn it around, upside down, perhaps...take another good look. Bang! The idea strikes!

A simple "step basket" about 10 yrs old. Pretty much used for the pup's leash and flashlight for walking her. During my remodel, I guess something leaked in this basket...those type of stains drive me nuts! OK...walking through the home improvement store ~~ stumble on a cart of marked down wallpaper. What a find! So I see a sage color vinyl border roll...still sealed...hmmmm...$2.50? How could I go wrong?

So basket has 2 wooden panels on bottom...I cut the wallpaper to fit, overlapping to make the width. Dunk in water, slap it on, et voilĂ ! For just mere pennies, I saved an eyesore piece by my front door and gave it individuality!

A basket that has whole new look that is fresh and clean...renewed and refreshed, just like the day... I wonder what I can do with the 13' of remaining border...hmmmmm....

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