Frosty the Fungus!

Frosty the Fungus!
See the art everywhere - even in a pack of mushrooms!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter...and the senses

...waking up this chilly morning with the sun shining and birds singing...taking me on a trip back to some early recollections of this holiday. Easter Sunday, in my home, was my Dad taking me to 9:00 Mass and then on to Branchbrook Park...Cherry Blossom time! I would always have a new home sewn ensemble, thanks to my dear Mom and her fashion talents. (also many arguments regarding a child of the 60's and what was appropriate attire for church)

I am an olfactory type person...the scents of this time of renewal can jog just about any memory of my 52 years...I am so thankful for that sense. It allows me to live each and every memory...amazingly, just by the smell. The newly dug soil, a Spring rain shower and the worms come out...only to die an uncertain death once the sun arrives on the scene :( I can smell snow, impending thunderstorms and Easter...yes, Easter Sunday has it's own smell too. Didn't you ever notice that Easter chocolate smells completely different than chocolate any other time of year?

Today is a gift to all of us...I will use mine to it's fullest capacity. Make yours wonderful...

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